Raptor Mach 2 Flight Stick



Out Now


Raptor Mach 2 Flight Stick has been especially designed for use with combat simulations and most other flight simulations, and provides a great sense of realism with function and button shift modes to achieve 29 programmable actions.

This exciting peripheral has a ergonomic design and not only looks good but also feels intuitive in-play and reduces the fatigue associated with long flying periods.

Electromagnetic technology for smooth precise movement and reliability.


  • 2 functional modes and button shifts collectively achieve 29 programmable actions 
  • Powerful 32bit ARM chip gives increased sensitivity and functionality  
  • 4 axis X, Y, Z, and RX for full pitch, roll and yaw movement as well as throttle control  
  • Sensitivity of 4096 points 
  • 8 -way HAT switch with POV function provides increased control over trim, weapon systems and menus  
  • Eject function button 
  • Trigger with safety lock function 
  • Dedicated shooting button


    System Requirements

    Operating System Microsoft Windows
    Format USB plug and play
    Compatible with
    Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, XPlane 11, Flight Sim World