Flashing Lights: Alpha Kicks Off 15 March - EMS Screens

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest Flashing Lights update! Today we are announcing that the Flashing Lights Closed Alpha will kick off on 15th March. Take a listen to my lovely colleague Chris explain all about the Closed Alpha in the new video below:

With the Closed Alpha beginning on 15th March, you have just under one week left to apply before the sign up form closes. To apply, scroll down to the bottom of Flashinglightsgame.com and fill out the form.

Please do be aware that the amount of applicants accepted into the Closed Alpha will be limited - and that those of you who are accepted will be under NDAs, meaning that no content from players will be able to be posted online at this time.

That said, we value every single one of you who sign up for the Closed Alpha, which is why next week we will be sending you all a sign up reward, whether or not you are chosen to participate in the alpha.

New EMS Screenshots

We've also released a batch of new screenshots today, two of which you will have seen already in this announcement. The other four highlight EMS gameplay, showcasing the inspection of a patient at an accident scene, as well as the stretcher.

And that's it for today! Make sure to sign up for the Closed Alpha if you haven't already, and check your email inboxes next week, when we will be letting you know if you've been selected or not, and will be sending you the sign up reward.

Remember, don't be too disheartened if you do not get selected to participate in the Closed Alpha. We will be sharing much more of the game leading up to the 18th May Early Access launch to tide you over until then.

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James - Excalibur Staff on

Hi there! There will not be a beta. Flashing Lights will launch to the public in Early Access on 7th June 2018.

lolpool13 on

hi sir, I want to know if you will release a new beta of this game soon. Because I was waiting this game starting when I know the existance of it.

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