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Hello everyone,

We’ve been quiet over the last few weeks regarding Flashing Lights, but rest assured that we have been busy. During this time we have been calculating our time and resources - we’re looking at the best way to become as efficient as possible and have made some important decisions that will shape Flashing Lights' development in a positive way.

As you may or may not know the current predicted world map size for Flashing lights is 3.5km x 3.5km. This may increase over time, but it could also decrease should there be any technical issues. The whole map can already be explored (although it is a bit empty) with no loading screens. We are currently working on populating the map with new details and objects.

Here’s a shot of the current map from a top down view:

We have had to look at what we will be delivering when Flashing Lights initially releases in Early Access. One option was to release the entirety of the map as work in progress. Unfortunately, this would lead to parts of the world which feel under-populated, both in terms of environment and missions.

Because of this, we have decided to release the map in chunks throughout Early Access. This allows our artists to make a smaller section of the map as engaging as possible, for the Early Access launch, with more of the world to open up as we progress.

This also allows us to refine the mission objectives more clearly for each area. For example, the city may not see the same types of emergencies as a small beach town. We are hoping that as we continue to release new areas, we'll be able to create more dynamic events based on the areas that those emergencies take place in.

Without further ado, we have a few brand new work in progress images for you to check out below:

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